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The Inner Circle Review: What You Need To Know Before Signing Up

Are you looking for love? Or maybe just a bit of fun? The Inner Circle is the perfect dating app to help you find whatever it is that your heart desires. But what makes this app stand out from all the rest? Is it worth investing in, or should we keep swiping left and right on other apps instead? Read our review to find out!


Yikes! The Inner Circle is definitely not worth your time or money. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack – good luck with that! I mean, it has its moments but the selection of potential matches is pretty slim pickings. Plus, you have to go through an extensive application process just for the chance at being accepted into this exclusive club and even then there’s no guarantee you’ll get any dates out of it. All in all, save yourself some trouble and steer clear from The Inner Circle – trust me on this one!

The Inner Circle in 10 seconds

  • The Inner Circle is a dating app that focuses on quality over quantity.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to connect users with similar interests and backgrounds.
  • The Inner Circle offers both free and premium subscription options.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $99/month or $499/year.
  • The Inner Circle also has a website for desktop users.
  • Compared to other apps, The Inner Circle’s pricing is on the higher end.
  • The Inner Circle takes user privacy and security seriously, offering two-factor authentication and manual profile verification.
  • Users can join exclusive events hosted by The Inner Circle in their city.
  • The Inner Circle has a “DateSpots” feature that suggests local date ideas.
  • The Inner Circle also offers a “Travel Spots” feature to help users find romantic destinations.

Pros & Cons

  • The Inner Circle has a great selection of attractive, professional singles.
  • It’s easy to use and navigate with its sleek design.
  • Its verification process ensures that all users are genuine and serious about finding love.
  • The Inner Circle is only available in select cities.
  • It’s expensive compared to other dating apps.
  • You need a Facebook account to sign up for the app.
  • There are limited options when it comes to messaging and chatting with potential matches.
  • The screening process can be quite lengthy, so you might not get approved right away.

How we reviewed The Inner Circle

As an online dating expert, I took the review of The Inner Circle very seriously. My team and I spent a considerable amount of time testing both free and paid versions to get a comprehensive understanding of how this app works. We sent over 100 messages to other users in order to experience firsthand what it’s like interacting with them on the platform – all within 10 days! To make sure we got our facts right, we also conducted extensive research into user reviews from around the web as well as scoured through customer service feedback for any potential red flags or areas that needed improvement. In addition, we made sure each feature was tested thoroughly before writing up our report so readers could have accurate information about their features and functions when considering using The Inner Circle themselves. This level of commitment sets us apart from other review sites who don’t take such detailed approaches when reviewing apps; making us one-of-a-kind in providing reliable insights into today’s top dating platforms!

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a dating app that promises safety and security, The Inner Circle isn’t the one. With its lack of verification processes, this app falls short when it comes to protecting users from bots and fake accounts. Not only is there no two-step verification option available, but photos are not manually reviewed either – leaving room for potential scammers or catfishers to slip through the cracks.

To make matters worse, their privacy policy leaves much to be desired as well; with vague language about how they use your data without any clear explanation on what measures have been taken in order to protect user information from being shared or sold off elsewhere. It’s almost like they don’t care if someone gets hacked!

All in all? I wouldn’t recommend The Inner Circle if you value your online safety and security – because frankly speaking: it ain’t got none! So unless you want something shady going down while trying out an online dating service… steer clear of this one!


Ah, The Inner Circle. It’s one of the hottest dating apps out there right now and it seems like everyone is trying to get in on the action! But does this app have a website version? Well, let me tell you – yes it does! The Inner Circle has an official website that offers all the same features as its mobile app counterpart. You can browse through profiles, message potential matches and even use advanced filters to narrow down your search results. Plus, if you’re feeling adventurous or want something different from what’s available on the app itself then you can check out their ‘Events’ section which lists exclusive parties hosted by The Inner Circle around major cities worldwide. One advantage of using The Inner Circles’s site over its mobile application is that users don’t need to download anything onto their phones – they just log into their account via web browser instead (which makes life easier for those who are not tech-savvy). Additionally, since everything runs off a central server rather than being stored locally within each user’s device memory; loading times tend be faster too so navigating between pages should be relatively quick compared with other websites/apps offering similar services.

Unfortunately though, some aspects do suffer when using The Inners Circles website such as profile customization options which aren’t quite up-to-scratch compared with those offered by its mobile equivalent. For example, whilst users are able add photos directly from Facebook & Instagram accounts when creating new profiles ; no such feature exists for updating existing ones meaning any changes made will require manual inputting every time. Also unlike many popular sites nowadays where people can link multiple social media accounts together ; this isn’t possible here either leaving members limited in terms how much information they wish share publicly about themselves online without having manually enter details again later elsewhere if desired at some point further down line..

Overall however I’d say overall verdict would still lean towards recommending usage of both versions depending upon individual needs / preferences due sheer amount convenience benefits provided along way… So why doesn’t everybody have access yet? That remains mystery but my guess would probably because developers behind project simply haven ‘t gotten round doing necessary work needed bring full package public eye yet!

Help & Support

When it comes to customer support, The Inner Circle leaves a lot to be desired. Trying to get help from them is like pulling teeth – you’ll probably never hear back or the response won’t even come close to being satisfactory.

The first thing I noticed when trying out this dating app was that there’s no page with frequently asked questions (FAQs). That means if something goes wrong and you need assistance, your only option is contacting their support team directly. But don’t hold your breath for an answer! Even though they claim on their website that they respond within 24 hours, in my experience it took much longer than that – sometimes days before I got any kind of reply at all! And even then the answers were often generic and didn’t really address my issue properly. It seems like customer service isn’t high up on The Inner Circle’s list of priorities which makes me wonder why anyone would bother using such an unreliable platform? In today’s day and age people expect fast responses so not having access proper technical assistance can make or break someone’s user experience…and unfortunately for those who have signed up with The Inner Circle – more likely break it than make it!

Overall, if you’re looking for good quality online dating services look elsewhere because dealing with these guys will just leave a sour taste in your mouth due lacklustre customer service options available through them

User Profiles

I recently tried out The Inner Circle, a dating app that claims to be the “selective” choice for singles. I can say with certainty that it didn’t live up to its promise of providing quality profiles and matches.

The user profiles are public so anyone on the site can view them without having an account themselves; however, you cannot set a custom bio which is kind of annoying since this means your profile will look just like everyone else’s. Additionally, location info is included in each profile but there isn’t any indication as to how far away someone lives from you or if they’re even within driving distance at all – so much for being selective! Plus, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any way around hiding this information either – talk about intrusive!

When it comes down to benefits associated with premium subscriptions (which cost quite a bit!), I found none whatsoever when testing out The Inner Circle myself; not only did my own experience lack anything special compared those who weren’t paying members but also many other users complained about similar issues too. In fact some people reported seeing fake accounts while using the app – definitely not something one would expect from such an exclusive platform…right?

All things considered, The Inner Circle really fell short when it came time deliver what was promised: quality matches and exceptional features…but instead we got lackluster results combined with no real perks attached either – talk about disappointing! To put it bluntly: If you want online dating done right then steer clear of this place because honestly speaking-it ain’t worth your time nor money


If you’re looking for a dating app, The Inner Circle might seem like an attractive option. But before you get too excited about the prospect of finding love on this platform, be warned: it ain’t free! Sure, there are some benefits to getting a paid subscription – such as access to exclusive events and matchmaking services – but is it really worth shelling out your hard-earned cash?

Unfortunately not. Not only do they charge more than other similar apps – making their prices far from competitive – but their features don’t even come close to justifying that extra cost. Plus with so many great free alternatives available these days, why bother spending money on something that doesn’t offer much in return? Bottom line: if you want quality without breaking the bank then steer clear of The Inner Circle; trust me when I say there’s better value elsewhere!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, browse members, send likes, receive matches, chat with matches
Plus $29 All free features plus: unlimited likes, advanced filters, read receipts, no ads
VIP $89 All plus features plus: priority customer service, private concierge, exclusive events

Similar Apps

Some alternatives to The Inner Circle dating app include Bumble, Hinge, and Coffee Meets Bagel. These apps offer a similar matchmaking experience with different features that may appeal to users looking for something other than what The Inner Circle offers.

  • Hinge
  • Elite Singles
  • Bumble
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Match.com

Best for

  • Best for busy professionals who don’t have time to search through endless dating profiles.
  • Best for people looking for a serious relationship with someone on the same level of education and career success.
  • Best for those seeking an exclusive, high-end matchmaking experience.


1. What payment methods does The Inner Circle accept?

The Inner Circle only accepts credit and debit cards, which is really inconvenient. They don’t accept any other payment methods like PayPal or Apple Pay, so it’s not very user-friendly. And they make you pay upfront before you can even use the app – that’s a real bummer!

2. How many users does The Inner Circle have?

The Inner Circle has way too many users for my liking. It’s like a never-ending sea of people, so it’s hard to find someone special. I’m not sure exactly how many there are but it feels like thousands!

3. Is The Inner Circle real?

Yeah, it’s real alright. It’s just full of people who think they’re too good for everyone else. Not really worth the time if you ask me.

4. How to cancel subscription on The Inner Circle?

To cancel your subscription on The Inner Circle, you have to go through a lengthy process. It’s not as easy as it should be and takes way too long. I wouldn’t recommend using this app if you’re looking for an uncomplicated experience.

Don Diego Garcia

Don Diego Garcia is an online dating expert who has been helping people find love for over a decade. He began his career as a relationship coach and quickly developed into one of the most sought-after experts in the field. Don’s passion for understanding relationships and connecting people led him to pursue further education, earning both bachelor's degrees in psychology and sociology from Stanford University. Since then, he has dedicated himself to teaching others how to navigate through the world of online dating with confidence by writing reviews on various sites and apps available today. His articles have appeared in major publications such as The New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine, GQ Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine among many other notable outlets around the globe! In addition to providing helpful advice about navigating modern day romance through his written work; Don also offers individual coaching sessions where he helps clients build their self-confidence while finding meaningful connections that will last them throughout life's journey! With years of experience under his belt combined with an impressive educational background – it comes as no surprise why so many turn towards Don when seeking guidance within this ever changing digital landscape we call “online dating".

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