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appointment ordained decree edict proclamation ukase diktat ordinance dictum encyclical bull mandamus injunction writ commandment behest mandate fiat summons ultimatum denouement consummation dissolution adjournment adjourning expiration desistance abeyance stoppage standstill deadlock impasse stalemate gridlock inertia stasis intermission lull repose quiescence quietude torpor dormancy slumber hibernation rest respite pause break interval recess leisure idleness relaxation ease stillness calm placidity serenity peace tranquility poise composure equanimity hush silence immobility indolence apathy languor lassitude listlessness somnolence torpidity lethargy inertness sluggishness inertia stagnation disuse suspension deferral adjournment postponement delay stay putoff procrastination retardation tarrying loitering waiting lingering draggling dragging dawdling sauntering meandering ambling straggling trudging toddling traipsing wandering rambling roaming vagabonding peregrinating halting 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overwrought agitated antsy uneasy perturbed disturbed troubled vexes upset distressed anguished grief stricken bereaved inconsolate dejected downcast despondent melancholy depressed gloomy sorrowful blue despair wretched heartbroken brokenhearted desolate disconsolate crushed demoralized crestfallen glum bummed out melancholic heartsick woeful joyless devastated aggrieved sorry mournful comfort less grievous hopeless heavy laden weighed down oppressed burdened anguishing lamentable pitiable plaintive pathetic helpless hapless luckles sforsaken forsook destitute friendless lonely alienated abandoned maroon stranded shipwreck castaway homeless rootles adrift lost isolated aloof apart separated withdrawn reclusive introverted hermitic solitar solitary alone cut off shut off disengaged unconnected disconnected segregated sequestered cloistered insular reticent retiring uncommunicative taciturn tongue tied mute close mouthed tight lipped reserved backward inhibited self conscious sheepish 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